Homemade Minestrone Soup   5.95
Spicy Chicken Wings   7.50
Mussel Pescatore   8.95
Cooked in white wine, garlic and cream sauce
Deep Fried Calamari   9.95
Lightly battered squid, fried to a tender crisp golden brown, served with a sweet chilli dip
Torpedo King Prawns   9.95
With sweet chilli sauce
Pan Fried Garlic Mushrooms   6.95
Cheese Croquettes   8.95
With garlic mayonnaise
New York Caesar Salad   8.95
Fried bacon, parmesan cheese, crunchy herb croutons on a bed of lettuce served with a creamy Caesar dressing
Bruschetta Alla Caprese   6.95
Baked garlic bread topped with pesto and mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato
Greek Salad   7.95
Tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, peppers & feta cheese with a homemade vinegarette dressing
Crostini With Chicken/Smoked Salmon Or Ham   6.50
Garlic Bread With Mozzarella Cheese   4.85
Mozzarella Caprese   8.95
Classic Mediterranean salad, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olives served with a fresh basil pesto